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Home Sanitization Services

Get your home sanitization with our trained expert team. We ensure each and every corner of the house is sanitized properly and minimize the chances of the spread of CoronaVirus.

Keeping residential societies safe and secure is one of the challenges in New Normal, Most of the people do it themselves but belief in Professional Services.

Why Choose Us

  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Full Equipment
  • Disinfection Service
  • Professional Sanitizing

Selecting the right chemicals and handling it with utmost care is very important. Investing in Technology and Heavy Machines would be a Costly Affair. Sanitizing Service by a team of experts is always a viable option for complete sanitization. Customized service is required as different surfaces need different attention.

Home and House is a more vulnerable place as with coming in contact with our near and dear one we have to make sure that we maintain the highest standard of Hygiene to avoid any kind of spread of Viruses among family members. It starts with regularly sanitizing our hand by washing it regularly or using a hand sanitizer. Once the Hand Hygiene is maintained we have to make sure the High TouchPoints inside the Home are Sanitized regularly few of the commonly touched areas are countertops, light switches, tables, chair headrests, doorknobs, TV remote, mobile phones, computer keyboards, faucets, sinks, etc

Home Sanitizing can be classified into different Categories

Independent House- Villa, Independent house using have less risk of Contamination as the members are limited, regularly sanitizing the gates, Door Knobs, Highly Touch Areas, Floors & Washroom will Minimize the risk of Contamination.

Apartments- 1 BHK Flat, 2BHK Flat, 3BHK flat in an apartment usually having more chance of contamination as the Apartment members share common areas like Lifts, Steps Railing, Corridors, Play Area, Terrace, Parking Area which exposes members of flats in an apartment to various viruses and bacteria, regularly sanitizing home will reduce the chances of spreading the contamination to a minimum

Gated Community – Villas and Independent Houses in a gated community use lots of common areas like clubhouse, Swimming pools, Shops, Play Area, etc which exposes them to different types of Viruses and Bacteria. Regularly Sanitizing with the help of a Sanitizing Company will minimize the chance of spreading various diseases.

Sanitizing Company Services includes Identifying High-Risk Areas, Medium Risk, and Low-Risk Areas and accordingly Sanitize the Home starting from Bedrooms, Hall and Kitchen, Wash Room, Furniture, etc..