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Car Sanitization

The pandemic has ignited fear in humans as they go about in their everyday lives. Most people believe that only washing their hands regularly after visiting home from a public space & maintaining good hygiene is enough to protect themselves. But wait, What about your car’s? most safe transportation during this pandemic crisis. Are they safe enough while you move around, travel distinct places for essentials & unknowingly contaminate the car’s surfaces. Sanitizing your car must also be on your priorities list.

Apart from roaming around, you spend most of your time in your car driving. You put all your essentials such as groceries, bags & passengers in your car which might have germs & bacteria. Someone might have coughed or may be an infected individual who touched the car just as a normal thing and unknowingly contaminated the surface of the car. Anything may happen, But, you can protect it by sanitizing the cars. It helps in eliminating all the germs, viruses, or any other toxic substances that are present on the surface of your cars.  According to a report, car steering & door handles are one the most touched & germs prone areas in a car. So, are you ready to battle the viruses? Sanitize and Disinfect now to protect yourself.

Importance of Car Sanitization and Deep Cleaning

Everywhere we are getting information about how to keep our houses, clothes, and hands sanitized. You might have understood the importance of keeping ourselves and our daily usable things germ-free. A car is not an exception since it needs as much attention as the room you live in. In fact, it needs more expert attention for sanitization than a house as the interior of a car is made up of several types of materials like hard plastics, leathers, rubber, linen, metals like aluminum and iron, wood or plywood, and glass. All these materials are the perfect breeding grounds of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

According to experts, more than six hundred types of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria can grow in your car if not cleaned regularly. There are several parts of the car that are the pandora’s box of microbes such as the steering, doorknobs, gear stick, seat belts, clutch, accelerator, brakes, and headrest. Thus, virus protection for cars should be our First Concern right now.

Car sanitization services

  • Vacuum cleaning of seats, floor, and roof from the interior
  • Cleaning and sanitization of seats and car roof from the interior
  • Glass and windows cleaning, polishing, and sanitization from inside
  • AC vents and boot cleaning
  • Car doors including doorknobs cleaning and polishing
  • Specialized car sanitization services use appropriate and permitted technology for this purpose to reduce the risk of any harm to the internal materials of the car or the passengers.